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2020 Litters
Labrador Retriever Litters- We have no Lab litters planned this year, but have an exciting new breeding planned for early 2021.
Epagneul Breton Breeding Announcement (3/26/20) - We have bred GUN Nalko des Sentiers du Ramier TAN WRT to Nadia Du Mackinaw Valley TAN WRT. This breeding will produce high drive, powerful Epagneul Bretons (French Brittanys) that will excel as wild bird dogs and also be competitive in both AKC and UKC field trials. These pups will NOT be plodding, boring dogs with a 30 yard range. They WILL be natural bird dogs that hunt hard and are not afraid to cover some ground. As long as they have a job, the pups will also make good household companions. The litter is due around May 19th, 2020. We are currently accepting deposits.

Nalko is a French import from a powerful breeding. He is the son of Best de la Source aux Perdrix (several CACTs and 2011 AICEB European Team Champion) and Ibane du Mas D'Eyraud (a full sister to Gatsby, who is one of the top European field trial EBs of all time). Nalko has several placements in AKC Derby stakes, including a Open Horseback win. He also has several UKC field trial wins in the GUN class this year. Nalko has OFA Good hips and is free of the AY gene. More info on Nalko can be found here.

Nadia is from our own breeding of GRCHF CH Fergus Sur Le Delavan and GUN Hot Molly Du Hyalite. This was a proven breeding that created many successful field trial and hunting dogs. Nadia is a very high drive dog that excels at hunting wild birds on the Western prairies. She is not afraid to push out several hundred yards when needed to find birds. Nadia has also earned several placements in AKC Derby stakes, both walking and horseback. In addition to being a great bird dog, Nadia has a friendly personality and is a good companion.